My Journey to Financial Independence

My quest for financial freedom began at the age 17 when I decided to enlist in the US Army. Growing up in poverty, I realized this was a path to escape that lifestyle. The Army provided job stability, while allowing me to keep my cost of living low.

This is also the time when I began my investing & entrepreneurial journey. Although the Army allowed me to escape poverty, I knew I had bigger fish to fry. Hence, my first business, Seventeenth Watches, was born in late 2015.

I recognized that entrepreneurship would allow me live life on my own terms. I was after financial, time, and location freedom. I left the army in 2016 to run my business full time. Two years after that, I was able to scale my business to six figures. After that, it dawned on me: why not help other people do the same? There were no affordable online courses out there that taught people e-commerce marketing, sales, finding a niche & profitable products.

As this journey was happening, I was also investing my money into the stock market. I realized the income I was receiving from my job & eventual businesses had to be parked somewhere that could compound it. While investing, I decided to take a deep dive to learn about trading. Trading through technical analysis proved to be difficult, but I remained a student and became a competent swing trader.

I decided to teach the concepts of investing and trading, which most people deem as 'boring' or 'difficult,' in an easy to understand method using strategies I've learned and developed along the way.

My ultimate goal is to simplify teaching people how to make money. I know if they can properly understand and implement these ideas, they can escape the rat race and live life on their own terms. Whether that be spending more time with family, traveling the world, or practicing a hobby.

There are son many things in this world that are more important than money.

Get money so you can focus on them.